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The Occultist

The Occultist

About the T shirt

This bold T shirt design is from Vicious History, a store who combine classical American heritage with modern graphic styles.

Their founder Chaz explains the design…

The idea for the occultist design has been around since I started Vicious History in early 2012. My vision for the piece was to capture ideas and symbols of 19th and 18th century American heritage and combine that with bold graphic styles. Matthew Skiff designed the artwork and I think that he was the perfect man for the job. He has a very clean style which features large areas of bold, solid colors.


This design is somewhat connected to shirt we had printed from a previous release called Scholars & Thieves. The Scholars & Thieves design was sort of a crest/logo for an imaginary club I envisioned for Vicious History. A private gentleman club for the historical elite from all walks of life, both good and evil. The Occultist is my vision for what a member of the Scholars & Thieves would look like. If you look closely at the design, you will notice some symbols that directly represent the Scholars & Thieves, including a monogram “S&T” brooch. At the bottom of the design, there are roman numerals representing the year 1891, which represents the founding year of the Scholars & Thieves. The Scholar & Thieves is a concept that will continue to evolve further down the road as we release new goods and products. For instance, later this year we plan to do a Scholars & Thieves membership patch for denim jackets.


Thanks goes to Chaz for explaining his design. You can see more Vicious History designs at their store

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