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Fight Or Flight

Fight Or Flight
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This new T shirt by Anthony Sekyere (aka Tony Riff) has recently been printed by Threadless no less. Read on to find out how it was designed

“All of my designs are pretty much hand drawn, so I always start with a loose sketch. I usually don’t get too precious over getting everything exactly right at this stage. I then fix the sketch up bit by bit and once I’m 100 percent happy I then take it to the inking stage.”


“I use a dip pen for all the line work. Sometimes I’ll edit the line work in Illustrator, but in this case I was pretty happy with how the original drawing looked so I left it how it was.”


“Once in Photoshop I spend ages trying to figure out a colour scheme. Getting the colours right is what I usually spend the most time doing in the whole process, although sometimes I’ll have a good idea of what kind of colours I want to use during my initial sketch / inking stage. But thats pretty rare.”


Hi Tony. Thanks for sharing your sketches and design process with us. Where did the inspiration for this T shirt design come from?

I remember the night I got the idea for this design I was at a friends house playing Street Fighter (even though I’m terrible at it)! Anyway I always wanted to do something based around the phrase “Fight Or Flight” but didn’t really know what to do with it. A lot of ideas I get are completely out of the blue, but once that idea popped in my head I knew it was something I wanted to make a design out of.

Whats your usual illustration process?

Usually I draw a bunch of really crappy rough sketches over and over again. The first thing I try to get right is the general composition of the piece, all the little details and stuff come later. Sometimes my design ideas just come from improvised doodles I do in my spare time.

Is designing for a T shirt any different from other mediums?

When it comes to T-shirt design my perspective is that anything goes, as long as it looks good of course.

Which stores do you usually sell and buy your T shirts from?

Most T-shirt designs that I’ve done are for small independent brands, so most are just sold online rather than in big stores (apart from my Threadless print). When it comes to buying tees I go for a lot of different styles, but most of the ones I have are from Upper Playground, whenever there’s a sale on chances are I’m down there.

Which other t shirt designers do you dig?

it’s hard for me to pick a particular favourite to be honest, but I’m a sucker for a cool character based tee, anything with a mascot of some sort.

Are you going to start a label one day?

Its always been at the back of my mind, but at the same time I always feel like a lot of the ideas I have might be too strange for people to actually wear. Most of my designs submitted on Threadless are completely different from “Fight Or Flight” which is a pretty mainstream idea compared to most of the stuff I do.

What sort of person will wear this t shirt and why?

I have no idea, but anybody who is wearing it is cool with me!

Big thanks to Tony for talking to us and sharing his T shirt design process. You can see more of Tony’s work over at www.behance.net/TonyRiff and www.flickr.com/photos/tonyriff/

If you are a T shirt designer and would like to share your work with our readers please drop us a line with a link to your work.

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