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Brainsucker Tee

Brainsucker Tee
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About the T Shirt...

Weird and wonderful skater T shirt for Bad News Boards. I kinda love this stuff so was made up when designer Nils agreed to explain his process to us…

“Matt from Bad News Boards contacted me earlier this year and said that they wanted to work with me. I heard about them before and I really like the decks and shirts that Killer Napkins made for them. So I was already excited about this project because I knew they are into weird surreal illustrations. They liked some of my previous designs for High Five! Clothing and Artanky and were looking for something like that. So I combined a few things and showed them this sketch:

They loved it and they gave me a lot of creative freedom for this project. I started working on the linework in Manga Studio and changed some parts of the design along the way. And this is how the outlines turned out:

I always try to do as much work as possible in Manga Studio before I make the switch to Photoshop to color everything. So I added a lot of layers for the textured parts, the tattoos, the blood drops and the shading. This can get a little bit complicated and my files are usually pretty messy at this point but everything I drew will make sense in the end.

I cleaned everything up, made sure everything overlaps the way I wanted it to and then it was time to add colors. My first color option was something on a mint colored background. I made around 5 different other versions so that they had something to choose from. The mint one wasn’t very popular and they also wanted to stay away from using pink. So we ended up using a blue/red version on a white shirt and a yellow/purple version on a grey shirt.”

Big thanks to Nils aka NVasion who took some time out to share his process with us. You can view more of Nils’s work over at his rather cool portfolio – www.nvasion.net.

If you are a T shirt designer and would like to share your work with our readers please drop us a line with a link to your work.

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