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Propaganda T shirt

Propaganda T shirt
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About the T Shirt...

VF Clothing explains their Propaganda T shirt to us with hopes that we can start to explore the possibilities of space exploration once again

Matty from VF gives us the full lowdown on the concept behind the Propaganda T shirt design…

“Propaganda” is a t-shirt designed to uplift the nostalgic past of the 1960’s and 1970’s where individuals couldn’t go a day without reading, “the city of tomorrow”, “the transportation of tomorrow”, or “the world of tomorrow.” This constant reminder through media spawned an era of dreamers and thinkers. We currently live in the product of those dreamer’s inventions and imaginations.

As the smartest mammals on the planet, I think it is beyond crucial for humanity to embrace technological progression and use its exponential growth curves to usher in a new era of health, prosperity, and galactic evolution. Supporting space exploration not only brings our species to new worlds, but we progress so much further in the process via breakthroughs in STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The only problem is that politics present a heavy burden to our space program. With recent budget cuts to NASA, the U.S. Government continues to dig its own grave as we halt the advancement of not only science, but also the entire well being of mankind. As natural resources continue to deplete, it is only a matter of time before the U.S. is forced to revert to a time similar to the sputnik revolution.

On a global scale, I believe nation’s should be collaborating and institutionalizing a forward movement of science on a level that is awe-inspiring and positive for the public to accept. The name of the shirt is in fact, ironic, and used as a parody of popular media exploited by governments to communicate with the masses.

Ultimately, the goal of this design is to simply make the fan feel positive about our future and all of the potential that coexists within our imaginations. For VF, there is a heavy visionary importance placed over any monetary standard. When fans buy a shirt, I want them to feel like they’ve donated to a cosmic charity within themselves more so than, “Awesome, I just bought a sweet design.” If I can connect with fans on that level of emotion, I consider my mission successful! ”

Thanks to Matty for explaining the design to us! You can view more T shirts from the VF Clothing store

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