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Foster The People

Foster The People
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About the T Shirt...

Threadless ‘Foster The People’ T shirt Design Contest winner from Dan Elijah G. Fajardo. Dan is a talented graphic designer currently based in Manila

We asked Dan about the T shirt design and he kindly gave us permission to view the process leading to the finalized artwork that won the T shirt competition at Threadless

Foster The People T shirt design

“Hello, first of all I would like to give thanks for the feature. I’m a big fan of Foster the People and their music so I watched them live last year when the came here to Manila. Shortly after watching them I heard Threadless had come up with a T shirt challenge for Foster the People and so I decided to enter with my own design.

Foster The People T shirt design

Foster The People T shirt design

My aim was to come up with a design that would suit their album “Torches”. I really like this album art so I decided to take my own style and place it on the T shirt.

Foster The People T shirt design

Firstly I wanted to choose one song on the album and create the T shirt design but all of the songs are fun to hear and catchy so I decided to include all the songs on my artwork. Luckily for me, Threadless selected my design and I won. Yay!

Thank you so much!”


Thanks for your time Dan and congratulations for being a worthy winner of the Threadless Design contest. You can see more of Dans work at his portfolio

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