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Scuba Steve Zissou

Scuba Steve Zissou
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About the T Shirt...

New T shirt from SocialFabrik features ‘Scuba Steve Zissou’ by Derek Eads, an illustrator, movie buff & Bill Murray fanatic from Indiana, USA.

Derek explains his inspiration behind the Tshirt design..

“There’s no one more fun to draw than Bill Murray, particularly the character Steve Zissou. He perfectly captures Bill’s sad clown personality. It was a joy to be commissioned by Socialfabrik, mutual fans of the legend himself, to illustrate Zissou for a new t-shirt.

I always start by rewatching the source material when approaching a design, looking for new references and inspiration. I wanted to do something using the blue and yellow color scheme seen throughout the film, which meant ditching the iconic red beanie. And what better substitute than his rabbit ear helmet used for piping in music?

I usually include a quote with this style but felt the quietness of the character surrounded by waves worked best. The little lightning bolts coming out of the antenna are a nod to the many Bowie songs featured in the film. Another influence on the design was the framed painting of Zissou in scuba gear seen early in the film.

It’s great when a client trusts you to do your best work and believes in your vision. That’s how I felt working with Socialfabrik.”

Scuba Tshirt

Derek’s work is inspired by his love of pop culture, especially the iconic roles of actors. He has produced a large amount of illustrations featuring the various characters Bill Murray has portrayed as well as the likes of Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Johnny Depp, Sylvester Stallone and many, many more. His obsession has manifested itself again with ‘Scuba Steve Zissou’, a design that features Bill Murray as the eponymous oceanographer from the Wes Anderson classic movie ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. This artwork sees him depicted in his scuba gear, about to embark on his search for the elusive Jaguar Shark that ate his best friend Esteban.

Scuba Tshirt

Based in Manchester, England, Socialfabrik offers graphic tees & other miscellaneous illustrated goodies like greetings cards and patches. The brand strives to create products that combine exclusive, original art & design with quality, well made products. In addition to creating designs in-house, Socialfabrik has collaborated with artists, illustrators & designers both locally and from around the world. Notable contributing artists have included Manchester-based illustrators Stanley Chow, Ben Lamb & Hammo, Bosnian artist Boris Pelcer and Rotterdam-based muralist Ready2Rumbl.

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