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UX Shirts designs
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UX T shirts by pseudoroom, otherwise known as Chicago based designer Justin Dauer. This series includes Fight For The User, Workshop and Professor UX inspired by the daily process of a UX designer

“While on a client call inclusive of UX concerns – in the midst of passionate defense of thought processes and organic usage – a rough sketch concept poured forth from a Wasserlack 2H pencil. Like the great champion of the grid TRON himself, we as advocates fight for the users. Further lead-based iterations evolved into late night Illustrator concepts, and the I Fight for the Users design – and well as the impetus for more – was born.”

UX Shirts

Culled from the interactions, tools, and soundbites that permeate our daily process, UX Shirts (http://www.ux-shirts.com/) is a fabric-based, Shopify-fueled love letter to creative folk the world over. The 3 shirt designs at launch leverage the implements and outputs from User Experience as design elements in and of themselves.
Fight For The Users

Workshop appropriates tools (Post-its, writing implements, tacking devices, etc.) from the hands-on, dynamic discovery sessions we all know and love. A singular symbol is formed from these elements.

On the other hand, Professor UX spawned from a lunch time conversation at the studio. A silhouette-based persona icon becomes anything but, playfully commenting on what we as user advocates do on a daily basis. Across all designs, every shirt is printed with a custom inner label, and ships with a branded promo card.
Professor UX

UX Shirts

UX Shirts: http://www.ux-shirts.com/
On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/uxshirts/

Justin Dauer is a multi-faceted, multi-pierced, and multi-tattooed designer from Chicago. As the Creative Director for Nansen (http://www.nansen.com/), he’s passionate about UI and UX design…and equally passionate about a pint of Guinness. pseudoroom (http://www.pseudoroom.com/) is his personal creative outlet and portfolio, with his random design/technology musings @pseudoroom (http://www.twitter.com/pseudoroom/).

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