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The Select Few ‘Camera’

The Select Few ‘Camera’

About the T shirt

T shirt for The Select Few label from up and coming designer Serji Gold. Find out how Serji created the design in his explanation of his creative process…

“I was approached by Scott, the creator of The Select Few Clothing, after he came across some of my previous work. Scott is an avid Photographer so he wanted to capture that in his first design. We discussed his idea of creating a large graphic for a t-shirt that would portray a DSLR Camera that would look like it’s hanging around the wearers neck. Once we agreed on some fundamental points for the design I started the process by collecting several pictures of different DSLRs to choose the best fitting perspective for the camera. After looking through a lot of Images, I found that it would be best if I just took several pictures of my own Canon 7D to get the exact perspective I was going for.
Once that was done I created a quick digital sketch to show off the perspective and in which direction I’m taking the design in to Scott.
After he approved it, I contemplated in which style to render this piece in. I decided to go with an etched look, with a lot of hard shadows. As you can see in the details, I represented different shadow values with varying the frequency of horizontal lines.
To achieve greater depth in the design I painted over with a very low opacity feathered brush (that I later halftoned) and added a hint of texture.
After that was done, I focused on putting his brand name into the camera’s cap with hand lettered typography, along with the finishing touches that include highlights and initials on the body and the strap.
The final colour scheme was chosen by me, which pleased Scott, so I separated the design for the printing process and sent him the final file.”

Big thanks to Serji for taking time to share his creative process with us. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Serji runs his own brand, Dream Gold full-time with his girlfriend, while doing freelance graphic design on the side. You can view more of Serji’s work at his portfolio – SerjiGold or contact him at SerjiGold@gmail.com if you would like to work together.”

If you are a T shirt designer and would like to share your work with our readers please drop us a line with a link to your work.

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