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Slight of Hand

Slight of Hand
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About the T Shirt...

Original T shirt design from Yonil, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. This is one of the new designs from his second collection released last month.

Yonil kindly gave us the lowdown on his new collection and where he’s up to…


“For the past few years i’ve been messing here and there with T-shirt designs on several websites like DBH and Threadless, and last summer i have finally decided to actually try and make it on my own. I had so much “leftover” material that i had laying around and i just wanted it to be printed on a shirt and be out-there.

The new YONIL line was brought into this world August 2012 and The 2nd collection was just released a little under a month ago with brand new designs and new tank-tops for the ladies.


I design all my tees by myself and I also oversee production of the tees. the quality of the shirts, as I see it, is as important as the print itself. My tees are 100% combed cotton which is very light and soft and i use DTG (Direct-To-Garment) for printing which i find better for what i do than the classic screen printing

Since I come from a graphic design and visual communication background, it is super important for me that my designs will have a meaning or a story behind them. Sometimes it’s a personal story, other times it’s political but the idea and the meaning is always there.


I love textures, I was drawing with pens and pencils my whole life and I’ve never been able to work with a tablet, but recently I got myself a new Wacom Cintiq and it definitely made the whole difference for me. work is simply easier and much more flowing. I still incorporate a lot of textures and roughness into my designs simply for the love of the metrials. So I scan stuff and dirty papers and take photos of dirty walls and work with it to “dirty-up” the designs.”


Check out YONIL’s new collection at store.yonil.com
You can also check his website at yonil.com or stop by his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/yonil.illustration.and.design

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