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Cool T shirt design inspired by a shirt worn by Jim Carrey in Dumb And Dumber according to artist Jorge Garza. Read on to find out more…

Usually when I create something that isn’t illustration based, it could involve anything from elements of designs I haven’t finished, sketches, vector shapes or even photos I’ve taken. I tend to do these types of designs after a long illustration. It’s taking a break while still being creative and having some fun. This turned out to be a better example of that process and while I don’t have a formula for doing this kind of work, it always begins with an element I think would make a good foundation for a design composition. In this case a diamond shaped navajo pattern…
Phases image 001

I had been experimenting with Native American symbols and imagery for a while in some illustrations, and had planned to do something with textile patterns, however the initial idea for this one came while watching the movie, “Dumb and Dumber”. Jim Carrey’s character was wearing a shirt that really stood out to me. I really dug the colours and thought to do something with it. I had seen the movie before, but wasn’t paying attention I guess…I thought to give it a go and if it worked out, could maybe have a cool design, if not I would chalk it up as another experiment to possibly mine for future use.
Phases image 002

At the time I had a couple of WIPs to pool from and thought to try some of the elements in it with the diamond shape. After rotating the design 90 degrees, I added elements from a Work in Progress called “Four Winds”. From this point I felt pretty good about the main elements. That isn’t to say anyone of them could be taken away. One bad habit of mine is I get stuck on an element and it’s hard to let it go. Looking at the screen for so long sometimes I stop seeing what to others may be an obvious design solution.
Phases image 003

I took a break from the design and came back to it thinking the moons looked out of place outside of the diamond shape. I still liked the animal silhouettes and the landscape background but thought the contour lines didn’t go well with the textured surroundings. At this point, I’m moving things around and trying different arrangements within the main shape.
Phases image 004

I experiment a lot and I was on a splatter brush kick for a little bit and really liked the look they give. It’s very much like stippling and I usually mask out areas for this cool effect. The outside angular fades were done by making a shape with the pen tool and coloring one corner edge with a splatter brush. The rest of the piece was completed by building on the elements as well as adding the fade to compliment the diamond shape. Also towards the end I like to add final textures using a combination of ones I made and free texture brushes.
Phases image 005

From there, it was a matter of finding the right color scheme. On simpler color counts I try as many color ways as I can think of. After starting this one and working on it off and on over the course of a few weeks. I had almost forgotten the movie shirt so it was a cool coincidence the final color way was similar to it.
Phases image 006

When this design won at Threadless I was super thrilled! It’s one of my favorite designs and it was awesome one of my experiments finally succeeded! I think the end result is a very wearable tee and still feel that way after receiving the shirt and seeing the print in person. Threadless did an awesome job with the print.

Phases image 007

Big thanks to Jorge Garza aka Qetza for sharing his creative process with us and showing how inspiration can come from the most random places. You can see more of his work at his work here.

If you are a T shirt designer and would like to share your work with our readers please drop us a line with a link to your work.

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