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Kidnation by Farofanation

Kidnation by Farofanation

About the T shirt

Kidnation by Paco, a Miami-based illustrator/designer. This tshirt can be found at Farofa Nation, a brand with a mission to help street children in Brazil

Farofa Nation is a collective of t-shirt lovers, designers and people who simply want to aid the poor kids in Brazil escape the poverty that exists there. We want to mix the creativity and goodness of people from all walks of life to help these kids get off the streets and onto the path to a better life.

The designer of this T shit, Paco kindly agreed to explain how he came to do the shirt and the steps involved

“I got approached by the founder of Farofa Nation who’s a good friend of mine, and asked me if I would be interested in designing some stuff for their first run of t-shirts.We both agreed on a robot design. Since we’re both big vinyl toy collectors, I decided to look for inspiration there. Even coming up with a design that might be turned into an actual vinyl toy in the future”.

Step 1. These were the initial robot sketches that I came up with, but decided to scratch all of them. Might revisit some of these designs later on..


Step 2. This was the pencil sketch that I scanned. I didn’t know what the face was going to be yet, so I left it blank.

Step 3. The reason that I only drew half of it was so that I could trace it digitally and mirror the image.

Step 4. Basic outline of the robot. A combination of paths, outlines and freehand.

Step 4. All the details were made with a smaller line width to give it a nice contrast all around.

Step 5. Made it red and decided to use the Farofa Nation Logo as the robot’s face and ditched the cord plug.


Thanks to Paco for sharing his process with us. You can see more of his work at his www.paco23.com,

You can find out more about the Farofa Nation cause at Farofa Nation,

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