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Howling Wolf by asingleline

Howling Wolf by asingleline
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About the T Shirt...

Howling Wolf is one of several T shirt designs in a new range by asingline (aka Chad Coombs).

Chad gained his initial inspiration to design Tshirts from his days when he was skateboarding and started focusing on the single line designs three years ago.

At one point he committed himself to draw three designs a day for a year until he perfected the process. He has now got a collection of mostly animal themed designs and put together a T shirt range which reflects his love of flash tattoo art.

The first success of the single line designs came when Chad’s Joey Bautista design was accepted by Threadless and sold over 100 T shirts within the first week. Now Chad has his own Threadless shop to showcase his range of Tshirt designs to a wider audience. Great progress from where he started in his hometown in Canada selling originals using paint brush and bleach.


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