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Corporate Pigs

Corporate Pigs
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About the T Shirt...

Cutting edge design label Dirty Velvet offer their view on the state of capitalism, and in particular bankers, with this new T shirt design.

We asked Mark from Dirty Velvet to tell us more about his label and this design in particular…

“Dirty Velvet’s aim is to create t-shirts with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting our slightly twisted view of the world.

The t-shirt here is called Corporate Pigs. A comment on the state of capitalism, where bankers are so greedy that there’s nothing they won’t stoop to.

A number of our designs feature anthropomorphism, along with the use of animal heads, and this design fell into that category. It’s a shame because we like pigs but their greedy images suits perfectly.

The suited human bodies were from a photo shoot as we could not source any imagery to suit from elsewhere. Multiple shots were then overlaid. The illustrator in our design team then added the little devils and cartoon-style pig heads to complete the design.

We are continually developing our own style of dark humour, protest and satire on anti-authoritarian themes, environmental issues and social commentary. Although, getting the angle of humour with high impact imagery bang on does take a lot of time and effort, but I think we’ve achieved that here. You can see more designs for gentlemen rebels at: www.dirtyvelvet.co.uk

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