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ALIVE Clothing

ALIVE Clothing
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About the T Shirt...

ALIVE Clothing was originally founded by Illustrator and Graphic-Designer Christian Lindemann as a side project out of his final exam at university in Hildesheim, Germany. Over the years it grows further with the support of loyal fans and friends.

But it couldn´t make a big step forward because running a self initiated business with all things to handle (beside working full time as an illustrator and graphic-Designer) is not the easiest thing to do.

Fox Vespa 1

Fox Vespa 2

Why did you start the brand?

So after some brainstorming and thoughts my college and friend Lars Flick joined ALIVE Clothing in 2014 and since then we run the brand together. To make it serious we founded a company constituted under civil law. Lars brought his background of internet- and webdesign experience and I brought my illustration skills. Together we benefit from each others skills and in the end it´s much more fun doing a business together rather than being on your own. Now step by step we try to promote ALIVE Clothing a bit further.

White Wolf

White Wolf

How you are generating leads / sales ?

Most sales comes from our own webshop http://www.alive.clothing/en but we sell also at creative plattforms Dawanda and etsy. All three shops combined will cover our sales within Europe (were
our main market is Germany) and worldwide. Via etsy we have regular sales to the US – which is our biggest market outside Europe now. We focus completely on our own brand and designs, that´s why we´re not using Threadless or sites like designbyhumans.com.

Because Christian ran ALIVE Clothing before, it doesn´t felt like a completely new start but we tried some things out and learned a lot on the way. We still looking for the best way to promote the brand. We tried facebook ads. Which is good, because you can sort out your target group very good. But the benefit is not like hundrets of sales are coming in right away. It´s more a bit of trial and error method.

We still trying to finding our best way to promote ALIVE Clothing with a mix of newsletters, social media activities, blog promotions and sometimes facebook ads.



Birdy 2

Any particular difficulties you have overcome?

Some of our main difficulties at the start were:

• finding the right sustainable clothes to print on
• finding the right printer
• handling shipment

Our shop: http://www.alive.clothing/en/

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALIVEClothingShirts/
and instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aliveclothingshirts

Thanks and cheers
Christian & Lars from ALIVE Clothing

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