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As a freelance web designer myself I have a certain taste for Tshirts (as can be seen in this blog). There are many challenges during a web design career and many T shirts can express this in different ways…

Rocky Beach T shirt

Cool beach themed T shirt design by Bristol based illustrator Sam Cox. This design is typical of Sam’s work blending strange characters in surreal environments that seem to have a distorted view on the world.

T shirt sketch

T shirt detail

T shirt detail

T shirt detail

Sam spoke to us about this design and his work in general..

What got you into T shirt design in the first place?

I really enjoy drawing and because of the quantity of designs I produce it seemed natural to put some of those illustrations onto products that people could buy, wear and share.

What was the inspiration behind this T shirt design

It was coming up to summer and I felt that the beach was a basic topic that my kind of work could suit nicely.

What processes and tools do you use to create the design?

I use basic pen and paper tools for the planning and line work, it is then processed through digital software to get it to a point ready for print.

Why do you prefer to print and sell your own T shirts yourself (rather than use Threadless/DBH)?

I think that a lot of people prefer buying directly from the designers of the shirt as the purchase can be accompanied by a personal touch. For example, my shirts come with hand drawn luggage labels and stickers. Things like that are often what make the experience preferable over a bigger store.

Do you sell most of your T shirts online or through stores?

I sell my shirts online and through exhibitions and shows.

Who is your average customer? Whos your target audience?

My customers tend to be aged around 18-25 but there are often a peculiar amount of elderly women that show interest in my work at exhibitions.

Do you use social media to help sell your designs?

Yes, you can find me on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube clogging up people’s news feed’s with my drawings. https://www.facebook.com/samcoxillustration

Who are your favourite T shirt designers/stores/labels/blogs?

My buddy at Alley-Kats sells the nicest stuff: www.alley-kats.com/

How do you generate new ideas for your designs?

I draw wherever and whenever I can, my ideas often come from the environments I work in, whether its a bus shelter in a sketchbook or whilst I’m walking in the street drawing on my phone. So the concepts can often be linked to things I find interesting around city settings such as tall grey block towers and steam spewing vehicles. I have created murals for a few fast food restaurants and I suppose a few similar characters such as the fish, chips and burger in this shirt have almost definitely been influenced from those projects. The themes of briefs that I have been given often inspire my personal work

You can view more of Sams work over at his portfolio – samcoxdesign.co.uk

Teezilla & Whizz Kidz

Teezilla have teamed up with Whizz-Kidz this month with their Charity Takeover for their crowd-sourced tees.

The Love Sprung T shirt

Some cool t shirt design going on over at www.Negrete.co.uk. This design collaboration with artistic maverick Garry Milne caught my eye in particular.

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